Where is flexible metal conduit used?
KAIFLEX flexible metal and non-metallic flexible conduit mainly apply for wiring protection in different environments and applications. Our flexible conduit and fitting offer excellent and strong protection for power cables, signal lines, optical fibers, electrical wires and etc., for heavy industry, automated manufacturing, detection/sensor device, security system, telecommunication system, HVAC and more. Please contact us for further requirement.

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What is the difference between flexible metal conduit and flexible electrical conduit?
By referring to the product series of KAIFLEX, flexible conduit size smaller than ID 8.00mm corresponds to Flexible Electrical Conduit and size above ID 10.00mm corresponds to Flexible Metal Conduit.

Details of Flexible Electrical Conduit can be found from KAIFLEX catalogue "Flexible Electrical Conduit". Flexible Metal Conduit can be found from catalogue "Flexible Conduit & Fitting-US", "Flexible Conduit & Fitting-AS" & "Flexible Conduit & Fitting-EU". Welcome consult for any question when choosing product.

Flexible Electrical Conduit(3.9 MB) Flexible Conduit & Fitting-US(5.1 MB)