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Where is flexible metal conduit used?

KAIFLEX flexible metal and non-metallic flexible conduit mainly apply for wiring protection in different environments and applications. Our flexible conduit and fitting offer excellent and strong protection for power cables, signal lines, optical fibers, electrical wires and etc., for heavy industry (refinery, offshore oil platform, gas plant, petrochemical plant, chemical plant, grain mill and etc.), commercial buildings, industrial plant, railway system, marine or boat, automated manufacturing, robot, detection/sensor device, security system, telecommunication system, HVAC and more. Please contact us for further requirement.

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What is the difference between flexible metal conduit and flexible electrical conduit?

By referring to the product series of KAIFLEX, flexible conduit size smaller than ID 8.00mm corresponds to Flexible Electrical Conduit and size above ID 10.00mm corresponds to Flexible Metal Conduit.

Details of Flexible Electrical Conduit can be found from KAIFLEX catalogue "Flexible Electrical Conduit".
Flexible Metal Conduit can be found from catalogue "Flexible Conduit & Fitting-US" and "Flexible Conduit & Fitting-AS".
Welcome consult for any question when choosing product.

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Why do most customers choose KAIFLEX products?

Because we have....
Nearly 30 years of experience of flexible conduit
Various product series of flexible metal/non-metallic conduit
Acquire main international certificates as a reliable background of quality assurance (UL, cUL, ATEX, IECEx, CE, TS)
▌Strong R&D ability and production capability enhance our market competitiveness
▌Flexible supply policy to support global service
▌Conform to the international product standards
▌Compatible with existing well known enterprises, like as ABB, Electri-Flex, Adaptalfex, Flexicon, Thomas & Betts, Anamet, Heyco, Hagitec and etc.

We are your new choice with high cost-effective.

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What is the differernt between "square-lock" flexible conduit and "interlock" flexible conduit? and how to choose?

The square-lock and interlock flexible conduit are both produced by profiling steel strip and helically wound to flexible conduit.
The sauare-lock flexible conduit is designed and produced with wider pitch that forming corrugated surface.
The structure of interlock flexible conduit is more compact and surfce is flat.

Difference in structure brings different features for these two types of flexible conduit and fulfills requirement from different applications.
▶ The loose structure gives better flexibility and lighter weight to square-lock flexible conduit. That is benefit for those applications require small space, limit weight for whole wiring
system, protection for lines at static position and etc..
▶ Contrarily, the solid structure of interlock flexible conduit offers higher tensile resistance, anti twist and the inner and outer surface is flat so that the wires can be pushed through
the overall length smoothly. Interlock flexible conduit is good for the wire protection at dynamite position and in rough environment.

Depending on the environment conditions, square-lock and interlock flexible conduit are also available to be covered with plastic jacket to meet reqirements of water/moisture proof,
oil resistance, dust proof and etc. Further demands of abrasion resistance, anti compression or EMC resistance can be fulfilled by adding a metal braiding layer to advance the characteristics.

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Free sample of flexible metal conduit is available

We understand the confusion you may have when you first deal with flexible conduit, or you may need to verify a new product development, or even it is a necessary process of quality confirmation before adopting Kaiphone | KAIFLEX as your new supplier…

In addition to data sheet, we are also glad to provide free samples (1 flexible conduit in length 30cm  and/or  2 fittings) to help you eliminate uncertainties in the evaluation process.
Please refer to the product introduction on our website (www.kaiflex.com.tw) to find out the product number you need and inform us, we will try our best to provide you with samples that match the specifications [Note].

You only need to bear the freight to get our free samples, please feel free to contact us, thank you.

1. If the sample exactly same as the selected product number is not available from inventory, we will further confirm with you for the closest specifications.
2. Exclusion of free samples:
    - The selected product model does not have a ready-made inventory and additional manufacturing is required.
    - Explosion-proof coupling and adapters & Tungsten braided tubing series products
    - Customized products

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