(UL 514B) Flexible Metal Conduit Fitting
BX Flex Conduit Fitting, Set Screw Type

S10/S11/S12/S13/S14/S15/S18/S24 Series

Bx-Flex Conduit Fitting, Set Screw Type

Bx-Flex Conduit Fittings, Set Screw Type, S10/S11/S12/S13/S14/S15/S18/S24 series are certified by UL laboratory according to UL514B. The metal fittings are applied on the relay or end point of wiring system to connect metal conduits, junction box or enclosure for wiring extension and protection. The fitting body is made of zinc alloy with RoHS compliance. The fitting is pushed to fix/fixed to the knockouts of junction box or tapped entries by locknut with external NPS thread system and connected with metal flexible conduit by a set screw and a clip. This series of fitting is proposed to fit with metal flexible conduit series PRWG and PRWA.
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  • Material:Zinc Alloy
  • Temperature Range : -50℃~+200℃ (exception S18: -30℃~+105℃)
  • IP Rating : IP 40
  • Surface Finish : Chromate, other treatments are available by consult.
  • RoHS Compliance : Yes
  • Certificate : UL, cULus, UL Recognized (File No.: E256570)
Series No. Part Number Product Photo Fitting Thread KO Size (Inch) Conduit Size (Inch) Package/Box (Pcs) Weight/Box (Kg) Snap-In Structure Certificate Mated With
S10 S102-1/2 NPS 1/2 1/2 400 19.4 - FLEXIBLE METAL CONDUIT (UL1)
S11 S112-1/2 NPS 1/2 1/2 500 19 - FLEXIBLE METAL CONDUIT (UL1)
S12 S122-1/2 - 1/2 1/2 500 18.5 V FLEXIBLE METAL CONDUIT (UL1)
S13 S132-1/2 NPS 1/2 1/2 500 18.5 - FLEXIBLE METAL CONDUIT (UL1)
S14 S143-3/4 NPS 3/4 3/4 400 19.8 - FLEXIBLE METAL CONDUIT (UL1)
S15 S152-1/2 - 1/2 1/2 400 15.8 V FLEXIBLE METAL CONDUIT (UL1)
S18 S1811-9/16 NPS 1/2 9/16 1000 25 - FLEXIBLE METAL CONDUIT (UL1)
S24 S241-3/8 NPS 1/2 3/8 1000 21 - FLEXIBLE METAL CONDUIT (UL1)