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Kaiphone | KAIFLEX has obtained the explosion proof certificate of IECEx and acquired the TS certification mark.


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Kaiphone just obtained the explosion proof certificate of IECEx for explosion proof flexible coupling & accessories in July 2020. We immediately continue to complete the registration on the "Safety Information Network for Machinery, Equipment and Appliances" (, managed by Occupational Safety & Health Administration, and obtain the TS certification mark.

Taiwan has implemented mandatory type verification for explosion-proof electrical equipment and required safety information declaration since year 2015. Relevant explosion proof electrical equipment must pass the tests of explosion proof standards such as CNS 3376 series or CNS15591 series, international standards IEC60079 or IEC61241, to ensure its complete explosion proof function and can be installed and used in a place with explosion risk.

After our first explosion proof certification following UL1203 standard was obtained in September 2018, Kaiphone doesn't stop the work to qualify our products for other explosion-proof certifications in the world. It found a strong base for us to serve a wider range of customers for establishing a safety environment of workplace and further to maintain the ecological environment and finally reduce the loss of human life and property.

If you have any requirement or questions for our explosion proof products, please feel free to contact us and we would be pleased to reply at any time.
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